June 07, 2006

It only took me 2 hours to get Blogger to let me post this...

Cigarette countdown 2006. I have 12 left in my last pack. My wonderful, yummy, Marlboros. *weeps* NO! MUST BE STRONG! This last pack that I hold in my possession cost me a disgusting $7.10 yesterday morning. Okay, so I purchased a $1 lighter too, but still, damn the office’s convenience store to hell! $6 for 20 cigarettes is ass rape. My ass does not like to be raped, nor does my bank account.
So today’s controversy is – nicotine replacement, or no? In the past, oh, about seven years or so, I’ve tried all them doo-hickeys out there. The patch? Made me nauseous. The lozenges? Create such a funk nasty film in your mouth, you may as well suck on terd. The gum? Eh, doesn’t really work that great. Not to mention it tastes like you’re chewing on one of those little packets of pepper from Micky D’s. I’ve even tried going on Wellbutrin, but we shant speak of that adventure. Ohhh no we shant. Let’s just say crying “I want my mom!” at 1:00am while my poor, dear (and yet wonderfully supportive) husband held me in his arms was NOT my idea of a pleasant way to quit smoking. Ick.
So. I basically narrowed my choices down to two. I can a) quit being such a baby about it, and just stop, cold turkey. I might punch a few holes through my drywall, strangle a few people at the office, and scream annoyingly loud at my poor innocent 3-year-old a few times… but, hey? It gets easier each week right? RIGHT?! Eeek. Option b) is seeing a hypnotist that my sister in law used to know. This to me seems awfully too interesting to pass up. Especially since he was willing to do me and Matt (my hubs) both for $100. My only question is, WHERE on God’s green earth am I going to dig up $100? Our bills to income ratio is, well, *sob.* (Hint: yet another reason we are quitting.) But maybe Mr. Hypnotizing guy will take my Visa. That would rock. Must remember to call him tonight.
So yes, 12 cigarettes. Some of which I’ll probably end up sparing to my dear husband, because I am nice like that. These might last me through half of the day tomorrow, then it’s game over bitches. Stay tuned.


  • Welcome to the blogosphere!

    Good luck with that quitting thing. I hear it's gonna be a bitch. Or turn you into one. Either way, doesn't sound like much fun. But just think of the oodles of money you will have to pay your bills with.

    Or buy pretty shiney things with. Which ever turns your crank!

    Thanks for stopping by my site. Best wishes with the nic fits. Remember my husband's ditty: There are better things in life to suck on. (He likes to think he's witty. I like to let him believe it!)

    By Blogger T., at 7:54 PM  

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