June 06, 2006

New blog on the block

So it's been over a year since I've done this blogging stuff. This is the third one I've had, and I'm determined not to abandon this one. Main reason I'm starting over again is because I'm about to begin a hard journey. No, I am not pregnant! Yes I have an addiction to mommy blogs, and yes I myself am a mother of one. But I have a second addiction, one that's about to get kicked to the curb. Oh yes, I am a smoker. A nasty, stinky, half-pack a day smoker. So the inspiration for this blog? Vent. Scream. Bitch about how hard quitting is. But most importantly, track my milestones so I can look back and be proud. And maybe, hopefully, if little old me is lucky enough, get some support from you, my lovely internet. For now, I'm off to tuck my sweet little daughter into bed.

Skylar Ann, my biggest inspiration to quit


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  • No I had tried to click the image but it didnt work. : (

    If there is anything I can do to help, I have slowly been learning more and more about how blogger basic (the web page as it comes) works. If you notice, I have changed my links on the side to be better looking! The tiles are in bold!

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